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    Expo 2008 «

Third annual international tattoo & piercing exposition "Tatttoo Expo" will be held on 16. 17. and 18. of November 2007 in Nis. You can reserve your stand by calling +381 64 110 89 58, and also you can find out everything else about upcoming "Tattoo Expo 2007". Other details about "Tattoo Expo 2007" like where it will be held, fair schedule and all the organization details will be published on this site very soon.

See you on November in Nis!

[» info: +381 64 110 89 58 Bratislav Stanković]

» Expo 2007    

Second annual international tattoo & piercing exposition took place on 10. 11. & 12. of November 2006. in Nis. Fair attended 27 studios from Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Srpska, Switzerland and Sweden. Reports about the fair came from all local, as well as some national media, and helped increasing public interest for the exhibition. Fair visitors could do tattoos and piercing for up to 50% lower price, and also purchase the most quality tattoo & piercing equipment...

    Expo 2006 «

The first Tattoo Expo in Niš was held on the November 26th, 2005, starting at 12 PM, although most of the artists arrived early that morning and some of them even the day before. The artists unpacked, prepared for work and when the machines started at 12 o'clock, the organizers (STS) could take a little breath because the dream was beginning to come true. While the artists were beautifying the bodies with a tattoo, other kinds of artists presented themselves for the audience: our friends, hair studio "Srdjan" with their original hairstyles and jugglers who impressed everybody and especially the youngest with their acrobatics...

    Expo 2005 «

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